Eating and cooking utensils…Our philosophy


People cannot live without eating.
Eating is the source of human life and health.
The foods people eat are the blessings of nature.

How to prepare food to make it both delicious and healthy is a subject that people have learned over thousands of years for each ingredient.
And today, people dedicated to cooking continue to study and learn methods for how to turn various ingredients into more delicious and healthier dishes.

Humans are but one of the countless number of lifeforms that exist on this planet.
However, humans have developed various abilities that are superior to other lifeforms. Humans are superior in our ability to use our eyes to look and confirm, our ears to listen and confirm, to touch and confirm, to smell and confirm, and to taste and confirm, and then use that information to create something.

However, with creations leading to “convenience, simplicity, and ease in nearly every domain of life, many people are failing to use their latent abilities and skills.

Processed foods certainly do provide people the gift of time.
However, with things made more “convenient, simple, and easier”, humans are beginning to lose our inherent abilities as living organisms.

In such age, we continue to evaluate the state of “food ingredients,” “life and health,” and “proper cooking”, and evaluate what we should consider appropriate cooking utensils.

Each person is born and raised in their own country, community, or home. So the meals and flavors they consider delicious will vary with person to person.

The origin of cooking is not the idea of all people preferring the same flavor. There are as many recipes, as many trends and as many personal preferences as there are homes. This is the truly natural state of cooking.

We will continue to value the importance of each family maintaining this natural state of cooking. And we are committed to creating cooking utensils that help support doing this.