Converting into a greeting: The reason I aspired to manufacture “steel frying pans”


Since I was young, I was taught that “people’s physical conditions are a result of what they’ve put into their mouths from when they were born until today—in other words their daily eating habits.”
Both of my parents were physicians, so I was fortunately able to learn this important fact early on.

However, for some reason, in Japan people habitually and casually say “clothing, food, and housing.”

At some point I realized that this “clothing, food, and housing” was out of order.
That the correct order was surely “food, housing and clothing”…

This is because, no matter how one thinks of it, a healthy body is the most fundamental and vital thing for a person.
And as such, that means it all comes down to one’s daily eating habits.

Naturally, the next most important thing is being protected from the rain, cold, and elements—in other words “housing”.
And clothing? Wearing it is good if it is hygienic, so it is fine as the last.
Clothing is only good if a healthy person is wearing it, which should be obvious to anyone who gives it some thought.


As such, in my late 30s I left the apparel business I had been working in, and decided to enter a world related to food, which became the world of frying pan manufacture.

However, striving toward the manufacture of frying pans for creating as “delicious cooking” as possible, I decided that my fundamental policy would be to never compromise taste in the pursuit of ease of use.

This is because the ingredients were all “living things other than humans”.

All humans support the growth and health of their own bodies by taking the lives of living things other than humans.
Therefore, harvesting only what one needs, and making it as delicious as possible to eat, is surely the way to respect these “living things”.

And I’m sure you will agree that this is why we say “itadakimasu” before starting to eat and “gochisosama deshita” afterwards.

Throwing away leftover food? This is nothing more than a waste of life.
Low price over taste? This means one is not thinking of one’s own bodily health.
These ways of thinking are not right.
Taking care of one’s bodily health means valuing one’s food, as well as preparing it properly.

It is my sincere hope that the frying pans we manufacture end up used by a wide range of people, but that they also feel gratitude for “all of the ingredients” we take in day by day, and more people develop an “awareness” of valuing food without wasting any, until it becomes a matter of common sense.